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By Gil kerer & Anat Cederbaum

Dancer: Gil Kerer

Music: Johanna Bramli


"We situate ourselves and prepare the ground beneath our feet. And then we dive in."

The piece explores our ability to undergo an inner process of self acquaintance and revelation. The piece moves in and around areas of conscious experience and observation to the experience of total identification, in a genuine attempt to find out and retrieve what lies beneath.


The piece is creative collaboration between Gil Kerer and Anat Cederbaum, and the Belgian musician Johanna Bramli. It premiered in Machol Shalem Dance Festival in Jerusalem, in December 2011, and was awarded the first prize in the competition for emerging choreographers. In 2012 won 3rd place at the ilDance competition in Göteborg. 

Performed in various venues and festivals in Israel, and toured to Croatia, France, Singapore, sweden and Italy.

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