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Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C Major by Vivaldi

Choreography: Gil Kerer
Dancers: Gil Kerer and Lotem Regev/Tom Weinberger

Music: Vivaldi's Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C Major, performed by Avi Avital and the Baroque Orchestra of Venice

Artistic advisor: Anat Cederbaum Rehearsal Director: Alex Shmurak Video: Kino Kitchen

Premiered as part of Curtain Up Project 2020 in Tel-Aviv,

The piece awarded both the 3rd choreography prize and the Theater Pforzheim Production prize as part of the 35th International Choreography Competition in Hannover. In 2021 the piece also got the “Ministry of Culture interpretation prize” in Israel.

about the piece
We gather our own tenderness, stand steady and strong, and dance to the sounds of the mandolin and strings, returning to a primary experience of dance with humility and joy.The choreography is a sort of an adult, youthful, childish dance: music and dance as a celebration, as a space of freedom, of simplicity, of virtuosity, of intimacy and friendship.

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